Products & Services
Products & Services

At Ampex Insurance, we have two divisions: Corporate and Retail


The corporate division looks after all the insurance needs of corporate businesses, their directors and senior officers and high net value individuals.
Our products and services include:

• Manufacturing
• Wholesale
• Constructions and wrap-up
• Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
• Products & Liability
• Excess and Umbrella
• Technology
• Medical research, establishment and malpractice liability
• Ocean and Cargo Marine
• Health club and sports association
• Commercial and Industrial buildings and warehouses
• Event
• Environment
• Churches and religious organizations
• Bonds
• Credit
• Fleets
• Kidnap/Ransom and Extortion
• Consulting Services, Policy Review and
Due Diligence on Insurance for  Mergers & Acquistions


The retail division caters to the insurance needs of small to medium size businesses and building owners, retail shops and offices, personal home, personal and commercial automobiles, travel and health insurance.

Commercial Packages include:

• Buildings and contents
• Rental properties and rooming houses
• Retail and Office
• Restaurants and high liquor establishments
• Auto garage and body shop
• Contractors

Personal Home includes:

• Homeowners – house and condominium
• Seasonal and rental properties
• Boat, motorcycle and recreational vehicle
• Umbrella

Automobile includes:

• Vehicles for personal and commercial use

Travel & Health:

• Canadian residents to other countries
• Visitors to Canada
• Visa students
• Private health insurance to Canadian residents